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Treat Yourself Yarn Surprise - Trollfjord sock - Hand Dyed Yarn - yarn club

Treat Yourself Yarn Surprise - Trollfjord sock - Hand Dyed Yarn - yarn club

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Treat Yourself Yarn Surprise - A treat for yourself or loved ones that can be opened on Christmas Eve and worked on during Twixmas (Romjul)

Listing is for 1 x Treat Yourself Yarn Surprise 

You will receive a parcel consisting of the following:

Sock Set: 1 x 100g Trollfjord Sock Skein + 1 x 20g mini troll twist skein in a coordinating colour. 

All will be beautifully packed with some little delicious treats as surprises. 

The Treat Yourself Yarn Surprise will be shipped out to you in good time so that you are guaranteed to receive your parcel in time to open it on Christmas Eve if you live in Norway! Other countries, depending on shipping times, may receive their parcels in Twixmas.

 A large part of this time of year is the joy of giving and receiving beautifully packaged surprises, as well as the gift of being able to relax with a new creative project and some delicious treats. This all helps in creating the lovely warm, happy, feel good atmosphere of this special time of the year and to be able to start the new year with a calmness and feeling relaxed.

I hope that you will be transported to a joy-filled, magical place filled with happy memories as you use these skeins 


All skeins are hand dyed exclusively for this Treat Yourself Yarn Surprise and will not be repeatable, nor will they appear in the webshop at a later date. They are genuine once-off never to be repeated colourways.

Yarn Base : Trollfjord sock    

Composition: 80% Wool / 20% Polyester

Yarn weight: Fingering

Yarn length:

 100g = 350m/380 yards                            10g = 35m/38yards

Guage : 10cm= 24-26 sts

Recommended needle size: 2,5mm - 3,5mm (1.5 - 4 US)

Trollfjord sock base is durable enough for socks yet soft enough to use for shawls, hats, mittens and garments or even children´s clothing. It contains non-superwash wool but you can still machine wash on a wool program at 30 degrees with a detergent specifically for wool. However I always prefer to handwash my knitwear in general. Dry flat and do not tumble dry. I have used professional acid dyes and thoroughly washed and rinsed this yarn with a gentle wool wash detergent. I do however recommend washing items separately for the first couple of washes as very minimal colour bleeding may occur. This base is produced in the EU  and contains Norwegian wool.

All items are produced in a Smoke-free / Pet-free environment .

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