Fjord Fibres came about due to my love of wool and all the lovely things you can create with wool. From my mum teaching me to knit as a young child, to living on a Merino sheep and Angora goat (Mohair) farm as an adult and now owning my own yarn business, wool has been my constant companion throughout my life.

I am a Pharmacist by profession but always dreamed of working full time with wool. I attended a wonderful course on hand-dyeing yarn and I have not stopped since. I love the alchemy that happens when the dyes, wool and creativity meet!

The name Fjord Fibres came about as I wanted my yarn company name to reflect the area where I live and work. The lovely city of Bergen is know as the "Gateway to the Fjords of Norway" as it is situated between the King of the fjords, the Sognefjord, to the north and the beautiful Queen of the fjords, the Hardangerfjord, in the south. The Norwegian fjords are UNESCO world heritage sites.

Norway has a strong culture and history with wool and wool usage. I suspect this has been influenced a lot by the climate here in Norway! I was very definite that I wanted to hand-dye a range of yarn using yarn bases not to have been chemically processed, as I like the natural properties of wool and think the superwash process definitely changes those properties. Plus the less chemicals we use, the better it is for our environment. I was lucky enough to find  wonderful suppliers for my yarn bases that share these views.

I hope that you will enjoy crafting with Fjord Fibres yarns as much as I enjoy creating them for you!

Gilly xx